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People Love Us!

It’s not a secret. Kids and families love our outdoor adventures. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials.

Epic outdoor learning adventures

We wanted to find a preschool that would share our ideals. Our enjoyment with meeting Belva and Pat at their Open House last May, made our decision easy to sign Noah up at Muddy Boot Prints!

Noah comes home full of excitement at his time away from us. He’s really cultivating a wonderful friendship with his classmates on their epic outdoor learning adventures. We highly recommend Belva and Pat at Muddy Boot Prints to be a part of your journey as well!

A true teacher

Our son is now in Kindergarten and I have to be honest with you, I often wish he could still be hanging out with Belva exploring the parks and beaches of Vancouver. Belva is a true teacher. She respects and honours her students’ voices and characters. She firm enough with boundaries to keep the kids safe, while at them same time having an instinctive feeling for when to let them take a little risk so that they can grow to be confident young people.

There seemed to be a wonderfully organic, in the moment adventuring present. Belva was always up for interesting questions and helping the kids to find their own path to their own answers. I LOVED the elements of the day where the kids meditated and had elevens’ (tea). I LOVED that she installed in my child the sure knowledge that it doesn’t have to be a perfect weather day before adventuring could happen. I could go on, but know that if you choose to trust your child to Belva and anyone she sees fit to hire, you will NEVER regret it. OH! I almost forgot about the PLAY! She and the students made up the most wonderful play to show us on Mothers Day! The loving imagination and joy of performing that she guided the students too, their pride of ownership was heart warming. If I could, I would just have Belva be his teacher for the next 13 years.

Join our family

When I drop our little girl off to Muddy Boot Prints she happily trots off into the woods with her pals and doesn’t look back. I pick her up three hours later with a calm, content look on her face. At Muddy Boot Prints our girl learns about the world around her, nature, how to play in a group and about how to take other people into account.

Ms Belva and Ms Pat are both kind, strong women and just the kind of role models we want for our child. Last week my girl asked if Ms Belva and Pat could join our family. Not quite sure how to bring that up with them just yet.

As long as your child has good warm, waterproof gear it’s a brilliant first learning experience away from home, one that doesn’t involve being stuck behind a desk.

I would highly recommend this preschool.

The overall program is ace!!

I cannot say enough great things about MBP, Belva and Pat are fabulous and informed, the outdoor activities are a blast, the overall program is ace!!

This morning (Sunday), I asked my three year old, “what would you like to do today?” He enthusiastically replied, “school!!” [Muddy Boot Prints]. Case rested :)