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2019 Summer Camp registration will be open to the public in early March of 2019. Please check back in mid February for the release date as it will be posted on our main page in the lower left hand corner.

Muddy Boot Prints will be hosting 4 weeks of summer camps this July for children aged 2.5 – 6 yrs. If you are curious about our program or registering for the fall term, this is a wonderful way to get to know us prior to September! Please note that a minimum registration of 2 days a week is required.


$100   2 days a week

$145   3 days a week

$175   4 days a week

$200  5 days a week

There is a siblings discount available of 10% off the second child.

Full payment is preferred at the time of registration however a non-refundable 50% deposit will secure your child’s spot with us.

To pay a 50% deposit now, select the $25 now, 1 installment of $25 within the registration platform. The remaining fees will be withdrawn from your account on June 1st. This must be done for every day selected.

To pay in full, choose the $50 now option.  This must be done for every day selected.

If changes or withdrawals would like to be made, 30 days written notice from the beginning of your first camp is required. If written notice is offered after this time, the remaining fees are forfeited.

Classes will happen regardless of the weather.

Class Times are from 9am-12pm.

Each child is expected to pack their own snack, bring a water bottle half full of water, have sunscreen** and appropriate clothing. Please see ‘Ack! What to Wear‘ for our warm weather wear items.

**The teachers will have extra water with them and emergency sunscreen for children if necessary.

You can find each of these park locations in our Program Locations.

July 2nd-5th ($175/week) 9am-12pm

1) Builders and Creators  Renfrew Ravine—FULL

Join Miss Pat and Miss Cheryl for a week in Renfrew Ravine. The week will be spent building and creating whatever we like from our imagination! Ropes, fabric, and clips will be supplied as we go on the hunt for the perfect sticks to use in our creations. When things aren’t being built and created, time will be spent in the shady groves of the ravine eating snack and listening to stories.

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.

2) Oak Meadows—Imagination Station

Join Miss Belva and Miss Sarah and spend a glorious week exploring the wilds of Oak Meadows Park! We are going to call on the richness of our imagination each day as we will be offering the children various invitations with items to include in their imaginative play. When we’re not creating with our imaginations, we will be searching the skies for Eagles or exploring the  shady grove of trees where we can eat snack and listen to stories!

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.

July 8th-12th 9am-12pm ($200/wk)

1) Garden Harvest and Water Play!  Trillium North Park–FULL

Join Miss Belva and Miss Sarah for a week at Trillium North Park where we will spend time digging in the dirt and having fun! We will be harvesting potatoes and making mashed potatoes over the course of the week as well as picking snap peas, carrots, radishes and whatever else we can forage in Miss Belva’s garden bed at Strathcona Community Gardens. Other days, we may head up to the MacLean Park Water Park to cool off in the water park there. Children will be asked to bring bathing suits and towels with them. The teachers will help them carry their extra gear if necessary.

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.

2) Natural Science Week!  Tatlow/Volunteer Park 9am-12pm—FULL
Join Miss Pat and Miss Cheryl for a week on the beach as they explore natural science in the area. Together we will learn about the natural habitats that exist on the beach at Volunteer Park and in Tatlow Park across the street. We’ll have our magnifying sheets out to take a closer look at crabs, shells, rocks and whatever else we find!

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.

July 15th-19th 9am-12pm ($200/wk)

1)Art Week! Mount Pleasant Park, 9am-12pm — 1 spot (Thurs/Fri) avail
Join Miss Sarah and Miss Pat for a week of exploring art in the great outdoors in Mount Pleasant Park! Each day there will be a different art exploration for the children to experience. Some art will be group projects and some will be for them to take home. When we’re not making art, we will explore the neighbourhood and look for the many fairy gardens that are nestled at the base of trees.

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.

July 22nd-26th 9am-12pm ($200/wk)

1)Bird Watching Week!   Hastings Park, 9am-12pm—-FULL

Join Miss Pat and Miss Sarah for our final week of Summer Camps at Hastings Park! Sanctuary Pond is an amazing place to observe birds! Hummingbirds, Herons, and Mallards OH MY! During this week we will take time to learn a few of the different kinds of birds that live in Sanctuary Pond, what they eat and their bird calls. When we’re not learning about the local birds, we will be exploring the surrounding park and all that it has to offer! We will play tag underneath the Ferris Wheel and create pretend parties with dance performances and campfires at the stone steps. It will be a wonderful week of exploration that lets our imaginations soar wherever we want them to go.

Note: 2 day minimum registration is required.