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Starlings Program
PM Class Monday/Wednesday
3-6 yrs
Location: Trout Lake and Trillium North Park

In this 3 hour mixed age class, children will be able to experience the freedom to run, learn about different kinds of plants, search for local wildlife and learn to care for our parks. Through all of this we will assist in teaching the children about being environmental stewards for our parks and offer them reflective skills in observing their natural surroundings as well as themselves. Starting in September of 2021, the Starlings Program will split it’s time between Trout Lake and Trillium North Park throughout the year. 

Children will arrive with their own snack and water. Our teacher ratio is 1:5 with a max of 10 students. Due to the pandemic, we now have 3 teachers for 10 children.

Click here to find out more about our part time options and class ratios.