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Goldenears Program
PM Class Tues/Thurs
4-6 yrs
Location: Trillium Park, Strathcona –

In this 3 hour class for 4-6 year olds, we will be based solely out of Trillium Park. There we will explore and experience Trillium Park, Strathcona Community Gardens, and the surrounding neighbourhood. There will be opportunities to have field trips taking the Skytrain to different parts of the city. The children will have the opportunity to work on big long term projects, acquire various skills such as weaving with local materials, natural dyeing with plants, working with tools. We will be working both in Trillium Park alongside EartHand Gleaners Society and in Miss Belvas garden bed at Strathcona Community Garden. The children will have the opportunity to grow fresh food from start to finish and learn interesting and valuable skills that will last them a lifetime. The Goldenears program will also seek to find volunteer opportunities within the Strathcona community to enhance their social responsibility skills and work towards becoming environmental stewards for our surrounding areas. Children will arrive with their own snack and water. Click here to find out about cost and class ratios.