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Flicker Program
AM Class Mon-Thurs
2 1/2-5yrs
Locations: Parks in the East Van/Mount Pleasant/Hillcrest Area

In this 3 hour mixed age class, we’ll enjoy experiences such as learning what the indigenous plants and trees of the area are, running like mad with the wind in our faces, working with materials and tools and even have some hot tea when the weather calls for it. We will take part in workshops offered to us by various local artists and non profits, have the opportunity to take part in gardening from start to finish, and perform Give Weeks. Through all of this we will assist in teaching the children on being environmental stewards for our fair city and offer them reflective skills in observing their natural surroundings as well as themselves. Children will arrive with their own snack and water. Click here to find out more about our part time options and class ratios.