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The programs at Muddy Boot Prints offer children an opportunity to experience nature within Vancouver’s urban environment, learn how to become environmental stewards and how to become socially responsible within our surrounding communities.

Vancouver’s urban landscape is known for it’s vast green spaces that offer a chance to our children to connect with the natural world. Each park offers something different than the next, which is why we choose to be a roving program in our AM Sandpiper and Flicker classes. Our Goldenears PM class is based solely out of Trillium North Park. Our Goldenears  program we will be taking an active role in tending to a garden bed, learning about natural dyeing techniques and even weaving with natural fibers over the course of the school year.

Class Size and Ratio:::: Our programs are small classes that have 10 children maximum per class. Our smaller classes ensure that the educators connect with each child and that the child receives the attention they need. Our base line ratio is 1:5 with a maximum of 10 children. Due to the pandemic, we have added an extra teacher to each program so there are 3 highly qualified educators to assist the children throughout their time in the program. In comparison, average ratios for indoor preschool programming is 1 teacher to 10 children.

Educator Qualifications:::: All of our educators hold an up-to-date CPR certification and a current VPD Criminal Record Check. The majority of our educators either have their Early Childhood Education Certificate or are in school working towards obtaining it. Every educator has a minimum of 3 years working with children in a daycare or preschool setting prior to being hired at Muddy Boot Prints.

To find out more specific information on each program, click on the drop down menu to choose the one you’re interested in.

Minimum 2 Days a Week:::: We offer part time classes to families and ask for a minimum of 2 days a week. Why do we ask this? Because we don’t have any ‘walls’, we need to gain trust in your child as quickly as possible. Attending 2 days a week assists in building that trust between the teacher and child as well as learning our routine quicker. Attending 2 days a week also offers your child the chance to develop deeper friendships with other children which assists them in developing their social and emotional skills too.

Cost::: Please head over to our Program Fees Page to find out more about our monthly tuition fees.