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Belva Stone—Director, Owner, Operator

Exploring the outdoors through the eyes of a child is one of the most inspiring things.”
–Miss Belva

Miss Belva has been working with children for 20 years. She spent 12 years as a private nanny specializing in children aged 0-5yrs. During the latter portion of that time, she studied at VCC to get her Early Childhood Education certificate. In 2010 Miss Belva accepted her first preschool teaching job at a traditional Montessori school where she met Miss Pat! She worked there for 4 years before shifting directions and assisted in developing an outdoor preschool program in Vancouver.

Having grown up in the country, Miss Belva has a deep love for nature and the outdoors. Regardless of the weather, her mother ensured that her and her two brothers got outside every day to explore what was around them. Because of this, one of her deep rooted philosophies is that children must get outside everyday, regardless of the weather. Exploring the outdoors through the eyes of a child is one of the most inspiring things to Miss Belva as often times, children spot things or find true joy in things that adults miss—like puddle jumping! Their curiosity and sense of constant wonder is what intrigues her most about working with children because they show her that there is always something more to learn, see and discover.

Pat McGinness—Lead Teacher

“Nature can take my breath away and I think of children experiencing that feeling.”
–Miss Pat

Miss Pat moved to Vancouver in the mid eighties from Ontario. She received her ECE certification in 1991 through VCC. After working on the east side of Vancouver for several years, Miss Pat left to explore and work in other parts of BC. When she came back to Vancouver, she chose to work in her friends’ animal care company and still says hello to every dog she meets! Miss Pats love and care for all animals runs deep within her and she passes that passion of care for animals onto the children whenever the opportunity arises—which is often!

Miss Pat returned to the childcare field with knowledge of Waldorf and Montessori theories which is where she met Miss Belva, at a Montessori preschool in East Vancouver. When Miss Pat moved to PEI to connect with her family and explore life on the east coast, they both kept in close touch.  Miss Pat enjoyed her time there as she worked in a centre with a manager who was also an advocate of outdoor programming which—which is Miss Pat’s true passion. It was here that she was finally able to create outdoor experiences for the preschoolers she was with and help them develop a deeper love and belief in outdoor education.

Pat has spent a lot of time in her kayak and camped in the winter with a fox family around her fire in PEI. “Nature can take my breath away and I think of children experiencing that feeling,” Miss Pat says, ”I am so excited to be working alongside Miss Belva in this outdoor adventure and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have accumulated with the children and learning new things along with them.”

Cheryl - Sandpiper Teacher

Cheryl Fontaine – Lead Teacher – Sandpiper Program

When children are outside, they engage effortlessly as the possibilities are endless with just sticks, mud and a few puddles.
– Miss Cheryl

Cheryl’s love of the outdoors started young.  She grew up in the Okanagan where she recalls spending hours in her big ol’ back yard, gardening, biking down to the nearby creek to swim, family camping trips and ice skating at the local outdoor rink.  However Cheryl always loved the towering, lush green of the west coast and left the interior for the lower mainland in 1998.

Cheryl has a passion for bringing young children and the outdoors together. In 2016 Cheryl opened her own home based daycare with her now five year old son.  During this time she discovered the benefits of letting children explore the outdoors and how much she herself enjoyed being outdoors with them!  Mud, puddles and sticks—oh my!  She believes play, particularly outdoor play, is the most important way for little ones to explore, create and learn. After enrolling her son in an outdoor early learning program, Cheryl became inspired to go back to school to obtain her Early Childhood Certificate. In 2017 Cheryl enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program at VCC. She has successfully completed her first year is looking forward to tackling her second and final year of schooling. Cheryl has her Assistant’s License for ECE.

In Cheryl’s spare time, she enjoys biking, gardening, camping with her family and plinking on her ukulele.

Sarah Eakins – Teacher – Flicker Program

When we take away the walls and invite nature to be one of our teachers, we come closer to viewing the world through the eyes of children and truly experiencing the wonder of simple things.
– Miss Sarah

Miss Sarah completed her Early Childhood Education certification through Vancouver Community College in 2007 and is a passionate lifelong learner. She has over twenty years experience of working and learning alongside children, including nearly ten years building her own family child care program while raising her two young children.

Miss Sarah’s teaching style is rooted deeply in respectful communication and appreciation for each child as a unique individual.  She believes that this approach provides each child with the freedom to develop individual interests and skills in an atmosphere of joyful learning and growth through active play and exploration.

With her love of the outdoors and her playful nature, Sarah has found great joy in her work with children: “When we take away the walls and invite nature to be one of our teachers, we come closer to viewing the world through the eyes of children and truly experiencing the wonder of simple things.”

Miss Sarah attributes her strong connection with the outdoors to a childhood spent helping in the garden, going on family picnics, and camping trips, and spending summers at the lake. She finds peace in nature and still can’t resist a picnic!

Misa - Assistant Teacher Sandpiper Program

Misa Mori – Assistant Teacher – Sandpiper Program

Children can learn so many things through spending time in the outdoors. It is just fascinating to see that how a child can engage in playing endlessly with leaves, pine corns, rocks.
– Miss Misa

Miss Misa grew up in a village surrounded by nature in Japan. Growing up, Misa spent time with taking care of farm animals, making mud balls, climbing trees, picking and eating berries. She felt lucky that she had a lot of friends in the village to play with all day long outside. Her memories of childhood were full friends helping to create a lot of joyful experiences. Through her playful childhood, Misa developed a deep respect animals and nature while learning the importance of cooperation with friends.

In 2010 Miss Misa has obtained a Childcare Educator Certificate from Nagoya college. Not stopping there she enrolled in Childcare Assistant Course in Gold Coast, Australia while staying in Nagoya graduate college. Thanks to her education, Misa has taught in both Australia and Japan. Through these experiences and visiting childcare facilities in Asian countries, she learned that how environments make a huge difference in children’s life. Continuing on with her international education, Miss Misa moved to Vancouver in 2016 and received her Early Childhood Education Certificate in 2017.

Since moving to Vancouver, Misa has both observed and volunteered in many different types of daycares and programs in order to get know more about child care centers in BC. As Misa is so connected to nature through her childhood, she was naturally drawn to outdoor education and thus found Muddy Boot Prints. Misa volunteered with Muddy Boot Prints in the Spring of 2019 and happily accepted a job offer when the opportunity arose.