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Both of our multi-aged morning classes for 2.5-5’s, Sandpiper Program and Flicker Program, are roving outdoor preschool programs that visit multiple parks throughout Vancouver. Flicker Program visits parks in between Main St and Renfrew while our Sandpiper Program visits parks in between Main St and MacDonald. We rotate parks every 2 weeks.

Our 2 day a week Goldenears Program for 4-6’s will be based solely out of Trillium Park North in Strathcona. There will be opportunities for field trips during this program but the bulk of the program will happen at Trillium Park.

To view exact locations of the parks we visit, head on over to our Program Location page.

Our classes happen outside every day, regardless of the weather.

Parents will receive monthly emails that will list all of our locations and activities for the month ahead. Emails will also be sent out every time there is a location change for either program.

For more information, check out the program pages or the FAQ’s.