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Our days vary in activities and are very flexible as we follow the interests of the child. Some days we’ll have a quick snack first and other days we’ll hit the trail first and have snack later. Some days the educators have a planned activity to follow or guest speaker to join us and some days they don’t.  The educators always take the necessary time to listen to the needs of the children and follow their interests. The following is a rough outline of what our day could look like.

Drop Off
Depending on where we are, there will be art or an activity set out for the children to engage in while everyone arrives.

1st Circle
We will sing an opening song to welcome us all. Afterward we discuss either our plan of the day where the children will have an opportunity to vote on where we’d like to explore OR if the educators have a pre-made plan, they’ll share it with the children at this point. This plan could include a guest speaker or pre-planned activity for the day.

1st Snack or Hit the Road
A) If the children are hungry we’ll have a quick snack before hitting the trail.
B) We might hit the trail right away and begin making tracks for the day.

Free Play!
Once we arrive to our location, the children are free to play as they wish engaging in the natural environment around them.

If we’ve not eaten by this point, we’ll sit and share snack together. If we’ve already eaten, we’ll sit and discuss our day together, listen to a story and have some tea. This is a wonderful point in the morning for the children to process about their time together that day.

Sit Spot!
The children load up their back packs and find a quiet place to sit on their own. Once everyone is settled, we’ll sit quietly for a few minutes listening and observing our surroundings. When they hear the wolf’s howl they quietly get up and begin to walk together back to our pick up location.

Gratitude Circle/Pick Up
We travel back to our pick up location (same as drop off). Just before pick up, we have our Gratitude Circle  and sing our goodbye song.