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~ Our Mission ~

Muddy Boot Prints is Vancouver’s newest Outdoor Early Learning Program that follows the Forest School Philosophy but adapted to suit an urban environment. Operating out of East Vancouver, Muddy Boot Prints connects children with nature in our local, beautiful and vibrant parks. The parks become our classroom and nature one of our teachers as nature is constantly changing providing innumerable educational opportunities. Nature also offers plenty of natural obstacles and opportunities for children to investigate and explore. Alongside the Forest School philosophy, at Muddy Boot Prints we approach teaching compassion and empathy through volunteering and gifting art we’ve made to people. Muddy Boot Prints ensures that each child who enters our programs is provided the best educational and learning outcomes while maintaining high activity levels with our highly trained, certified, and motivated staff.


~ Our Vision ~

It is our vision to assist children in becoming environmental stewards for their surroundings and to learn about social responsibility through our volunteer work and Give Weeks. Learning to listen and look for local wildlife, learning about plant identification, as well as the importance of bees, are just a few ways to teach children about environmental stewardship. By developing their observation skills, they will not only learn to listen to our world, but also to themselves and others around them. We will teach social responsibility through volunteering with local organizations and taking part in Give Weeks. Muddy Boot Prints is passionate about outdoor education and the importance it holds in a young child’s life. We are committed to bringing a positive outdoor experience to all children involved in our programs.