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Muddy Boot Prints is Expanding !!!!

What an amazing year Muddy Boot Prints has had as we’ve explored the wilds of East Vancouver. We have watched the eagles soar above our heads, helped to save queen bumblebees, performed Give Weeks making people feel better, learned how to be Junior Rangers and gotten to know all of our neighbours! Children absolutely adore coming to school at Muddy Boot Prints and we couldn’t be happier about that.

There is no doubt that there’s a need for outdoor education in the Lower Mainland. Outdoor education programs offer children a safe way to learn about nature, interact with it AND have the much needed freedom to run, play and just be a kid. After much thought we’ve decided to open another chapter of Muddy Boot Prints!!!! We’re very excited to announce that we’re expanding to Southeast Vancouver starting in Sept 2018. We are going to run a new program, Sparrow, out of Everett Crowley Park in Champlain Heights, 4 mornings a week. Not only are we expanding our programming but we’ve also added some fantastic new staff members. Sarah Eakins and Laurie Yeomans will be leading our Sparrow Program. Together this dynamic duo will be engaging children in the wonders of Everett Crowley Park teaching them about the local plant life, the animals that live there and offering children the opportunity to just be as they are—kids! Both women are very passionate about outdoor education and we are pleased as punch to have them be a part of the Muddy Boot Prints Family.  Read all about Sarah and Laurie here.

To learn more about the Sparrow program, click here!  We look forward to your questions and queries.