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Book an Observation!

If you’re curious to know how Muddy Boot Prints works, come on out and spend a little time getting to know us. We welcome you to book an observation time with the program of your choice to see and meet the other students in the class. We encourage you to bring your child with you so they too can have an opportunity to experience how we do things.

An observation will look like this for either program you view. As an example, the AM Flicker Program will be used.

We invite you to arrive at bit earlier with your child so you have an opportunity to talk to Pat and I before everyone arrives.
9am–Arrival Time
Children begin arriving and it gets quite busy so we may not have a chance to discuss with you any questions you may have. During arrival time we invite you to stay, hang out, observe and maybe even play with some of the children.
9:15am….ish—1st Circle
Once everyone has gotten there we’ll do our 1st Circle that we welcome you to be a part of. Here we discuss our plan of the day, sing some silly songs, reflect on what we’ve done prior in the week or what’s to come. Sometimes the children are craving a snack at this point so we’ll have a quick bite and then hit the trail. Sometimes not. We take their cue.
Load up and hit the road. This is where we bid farewell to you.
At that point, if you have any further questions we can set up a phone date or you can email  questions.


To book an observation, simply email to set up a time.


We look forward to hearing from you!